Club Runs

We meet three times a week outside Nuffield Health Sports Club on Stevenage Rd in Fulham for informal training runs. It’s a great chance to run with the group, meet a few more friendly faces and push yourself each week if you so desire. Nuffield Health kindly allow us to leave any belongings at the club for free in a locker. Arrive 5 mins early if you wish to take advantage of this.

Tuesday – 6.45pm

Interval session to help you improve your speed and endurance.

Thursday – 6.45pm

Club Run night of “two bridges” (Putney / Hammersmith Bridge loop) is our shortest option 4 mile / 6.5 km. There is also the “three bridges” which is about 6 miles / 10 km, or “beyond”.

Friday – 6.45am

Say hello to the weekend with our summer session morning run.

Meeting Point



Saturday – 9:00am

At the Fulham Palace Parkrun 5km, we participate both as runners and volunteers. It’s a great opportunity to meet both club members and other new runners plus the draw of coffee & cake at Fulham Palace afterwards is always a popular option.

Meeting Point

In the centre of Bishops Park next to the children’s playground (lookout for 400 other blurry eyed runners).