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Fulham Running Club conquers Cambridge Half Marathon!

Fulham Running Club runners with their Cambridge Half medals

The 29 Fulham Running Club (FRC) runners who ventured up to Cambridge for the half marathon this weekend returned with much more than memories. They brought back a collection of personal bests (PBs), smiles, and a renewed sense of camaraderie.

Carb-loading and camaraderie

Most of the FRC crew arrived on Saturday, setting the stage for a classic pre-race ritual: carb-loading at the city's finest pizza and pasta restaurants. The air was filled with friendly chatter, race strategies, and a healthy dose of nervous excitement.

Ideal conditions for fast times

Sunday dawned bright and cold, with clear skies and the promise of perfect running weather – a welcome change after a week of rain. However, the rain did leave its mark on the starting area, turning the field into a muddy mess. Despite the soggy shoes, the team's spirits remained high.

A challenging course, stellar results

With over 13,000 runners participating, the Cambridge Half is a significant event. The staggered start ensured a smooth flow, with the faster runners setting off first. The course itself winds through the historic city centre, weaving through the iconic university colleges before venturing into the surrounding countryside and looping back for a triumphant finish. Its flat terrain and high level of competition make it a popular choice for runners aiming for PBs.

Fulham shines bright

The Fulham runners truly rose to the occasion, delivering a string of impressive performances. Tom Mackay led the pack, crossing the finish line in a remarkable 1:08:16, closely followed by Joe Houlton just 10 seconds later. Alice emerged as the first FRC woman home, achieving a phenomenal 1:22:36 and a well-deserved PB. While it's impossible to mention everyone, each runner deserves recognition for their dedication and perseverance.

Beyond the finish line: Cheers, showers, and celebration

After the race, the team reconvened for a well-earned shower, rehydration, and a celebratory meal at Browns. Sharing race experiences, laughter, and a sense of accomplishment solidified the bond between these passionate runners. As the weekend drew to a close, the group embarked on a homeward journey, already buzzing with anticipation for their next group adventure.

The question remains: where will the Fulham Running Club conquer next?


Jonathan Bennett 01:31:28

Charlie Brock 01:33:38

Edward Bruce 01:30:02

Ellen Butler 01:37:00

David Canfield DNF

Charlotte Clover 01:39:38

Ben Cockshull 01:52:34

Cara Coughlan 01:30:02

Daphne Dadzie 01:38:39

Jonathan Earl 01:28:03

Bob Empson DNF

Gabriel Glencross 01:26:12

Katie Gow 01:33:33

Joseph Houlton 01:08:26

Tim Lowe 01:21:54

Tom Mackay 01:08:16

Michael Maiman 01:29:13

Alice Malin 01:22:36

Charlotte Malton 01:41:33

Callum Mason 01:17:05

Martin Milward 01:28:59

Piers Mulroney 01:30:31

Hal Munton 01:33:19

Alice Rees 01:58:28

Emma Thurston 01:37:23

Oscar Unsworth 01:14:59

James West 01:29:40

Kathryn White 01:50:01

Gary Window 01:59:28

Written by Katie Gow, with photos from Martin Milward, Georgie Hamer & Mia Gomez

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