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At FRC, we believe that qualified coaches and leaders can significantly improve your development, experience, and enjoyment of running with the club.

Coaching at Fulham Running Club

All our coaches and leaders are volunteers who are passionate about running. They are England Athletics (EA) licensed, adhere to the Coaches Code of Conduct, and possess Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificates. 

Our coaches offer a variety of benefits to members, including:

Structured Training Programs ("Squads")

We provide access to structured training programs designed to help you achieve your goals in various race distances and activities, such as marathons, 10Ks, or trail runs.

Expert-Led Club Runs

Our club runs are led by appropriately skilled coaches and leaders, ensuring a safe and guided running experience. 

Focus on Safety

Coaches and leaders play a vital role in ensuring all club activities are conducted safely.

Investing in our coaching team

The club acknowledges the importance of coaching development and actively supports our coaches. We offer financial support to members who want to gain England Athletics coach and leader qualifications. 

We have established a Coaching Group which develops ideas and plans for coaching at the club and provides a forum for coaches and leaders to share and develop their knowledge and skills.


Additionally, a Coaching Development Officer on our Executive Committee is dedicated to supporting and encouraging the development of our coaches and coaching programs. 

England Athletics coaching qualifications

Fulham Running Club adheres to the England Athletics Coaching Pathway for qualifying our coaches and leaders.


Here's an overview of the relevant qualifications (see details of the EA Coaching Pathway here): 

  • Event Group/Endurance (Highest Level): This advanced program further develops technical knowledge and expertise in relation to coaching endurance running. 

  • CiRF, Coach in Running Fitness: This qualification is designed for those wanting to coach athletes who take part in activities such as road races, cross-country or multi-terrain events (including fell/trails). 

  • LiRF, Leadership in Running Fitness: This qualification is designed to prepare running leaders to provide a safe and enjoyable running experience. 


Meet the Coaches

Find out more about our coaching team 

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