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Sri Chinmoy races in Battersea Park

The Sri Chinmoy races are an annual programme of races that take place in Battersea Park. The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team has been organising races in London since 1981.


There are a series of races throughout the year, including 5k, 10k and relay races. The courses are really fast and flat, and the entry fee is super affordable. The Sri Chinmoy races focus on giving each runner a good experience and an opportunity to transcend their limits and achieve their personal goals.

Fulham Running Club members line up for a photo at the Sri Chinmoy

Why sign up?

  • Super affordable

  • Super accessible

  • Super fun

  • Great for beginners and experienced runners alike

  • A great opportunity to get a PB

Fulham Running Club members running Sri Chimnoy race

When are they?

  • The summer 5k series of races is held on a Monday evening at 7pm.

  • The 10k series of races is held on a Saturday morning at 8.30am.

  • The Battersea 1 mile relay (3 times 1 mile) is for teams of three people to run 1 mile each. It is held on a Monday evening at 7pm.

Start line of Sri Chimnoy race

But is it for me?

Yes! If you're looking for a great value, fun and accessible race, then the Sri Chinmoy races in Battersea Park are perfect for you.

Once dates are announced, you can enter at here >

Sign up and get running!

Key contact

For more information on the Sri Chimnoy Series, please contact Sophie Denman at Fulham Running Club.

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