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Six Weeks to Glory: Train Like an Olympian with FRC's Middle Distance Program!

Calling all FRC runners! Summer is here, and with it comes the chance to unleash your inner champion. We're putting the spotlight on middle-distance running and training, offering a program designed to get you race-ready for the prestigious Sri Chinmoy Battersea Relays in just six weeks.

FRC Middle Distance Summer: Train Like an Olympian (Right Here in London!)

This summer, we're channeling the Olympic spirit and putting a spotlight on middle-distance running and training! While the Paris Games might be the pinnacle of the sport, there's no need to wait four years to experience the thrill of competition. We have a fantastic line-up of events happening right here in London, offering opportunities to push yourself, chase personal bests, and maybe even enjoy some post-race celebrations (think SOAR and free beer with Bob Empson – ask him, he'll tell you!).

For those who haven't met me, I'm Nick Thomas, a ten-year FRC member (despite leaving Fulham proper nine years ago) and a passionate middle-distance runner with an 800m background.

What is Middle Distance Running?

Middle distance running typically refers to events between 800 meters and 3000 meters on the track. It requires a good blend of speed, endurance, and tactical awareness. Workouts often involve shorter bursts of speed with longer recovery periods compared to training for longer distances.

Upcoming Events: Let's Race Together!

We have a fantastic lineup of middle-distance events happening right here in London this summer:

Looking for even more options? Check out this document for additional events including 800m, 3000m, and even 5000m races!

Training for Speed: Sharpen Your Skills

Training for middle distance running requires a specific approach compared to longer distances. Here are some key points:

  • Shorter reps: Focus on bursts of speed at faster paces.

  • Longer rests: Allow your body sufficient recovery time between intervals.

  • Long warm-up:  Prepare your body for intense effort with a thorough warm-up.

Don't forget about the existing Putney Hill sessions, which are perfect for building middle-distance speed.

Paddington Track team

6-Week Training Plan: Gear Up for Battersea!

We've developed a basic 6-week training plan specifically designed to prepare you for the Battersea Relays on July 30th. Find it here >

We're happy to answer any questions you have about the training plan and are open to extending it based on interest.

Get Involved!

Have questions about anything mentioned above? Want to join the middle-distance training group? Get in touch with Henry Grantham-Wright, John Devoy, Bob Empson, or myself (Nick Thomas). Let's make this a summer to remember on the track!

Original blog written by Nick Thomas

50+ runners after the Battersea relays

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