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Time to get muddy with FRC!

The Cross Country (XC) season is almost upon us and we’d love you to join the FRC team and get muddy with us!

The XC season runs from October until late February, with races usually taking place on Saturday afternoons (see our calendar for upcoming fixtures). The women’s races tend to be between 6 and 8km in length, the men’s between 8 and 15km. The races are off-road, some with a few hills and usually with a fair bit of mud!

Please don’t let that put you off though. XC is for all of us. It isn’t about PBs or stopwatches- it is about running alongside your fellow FRC bandits for the joy of being part of our great club! We encourage everyone to take part and you do not need to be selected by the club to run.

Very importantly, no one is too slow. If you want to run, we want you on the team! The only things we ask is that you are England Athletics (EA) Registered and you wear stripes for the run.

So why should you join us…

As well as looking as happy as this lovely lot, the benefits of cross-county are well established. It is excellent for developing both body and mental strength in a way road racing alone can’t do. If you need some more convincing, here are just a few benefits of cross country:

  1. It will make you push yourself- Forget the splits and GPS, run the race your way and just work on getting in front of the person in front.

  2. Improved running form- By running on different and difficult terrain you will strengthen your feet, ankles and legs, whilst improving your balance and coordination.

  3. Improved cardiovascular fitness and stamina- The continuous and sustained nature of XC racing helps to strengthen the heart and lungs.

  4. You’ll be part of a team- What better way is there to get to know other runners than huddling together in a vest and shorts in a muddy field in December?

  5. You’ll visit some new places- Our Cross Country races tend to be in the nice green areas of London and Surrey, giving you some spectacular scenery to take your mind off your heavy breathing.

Please consider giving XC a go and join the team for this season’s muddy fun!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask on our Facebook group, or email

Your XC Captains:

Trev, Andrew, Hannah and Katie

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